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Car Rental - Solutions

Car Rental - Solutions

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Car Rental - Solutions

Airport Courtesy Bus Operations
Eddisons is the leading brand dedicated and shared-ride airport courtesy bus service providing easy, safe and cost-effective door-to-door airport courtesy bus services. Our service packages are enhanced with state-of-the-art technology that allows operations to flow smoothly and in real-time.

Auction Fulfillment
Preparing cars for auction requires consistent precise process management and data collection. Our Auction Fulfillment solution includes cosmetic improvement, record management, inspection reporting, cleaning and detailing and rigorous safety standards that must be achieved before we even think of moving the vehicle. This approach and our high standards for preparing each vehicle guarantees the highest return on your asset every time.

On and Off-Airport Shuttling and Transport Services
Eddisons provides on and off airport shuttling services, in a variety of transportation modes, with a commitment to excellence in customer service, delivering quick, safe and cost-effective transport and shuttling services. Our service packages and operations are supported by dynamic technology to allow automated real-time operations management.

Valeting and Detailing
The Eddisons level of service is unmatched in the industry. To deliver quality with each car cleaned, we rely on a keen attention to detail and consistency to provide quick turnarounds and re-rental ability upon first delivery. Each vehicle is subject to stringent quality audits before delivery so your reputation of cleanliness is never compromised and your bays remain stocked and full of presentable cars consistently. Never will you miss an opportunity to rent to customer.

New Car Preparation
Our automated infleet solution and skilled team are leaders in the industry. Our qualified team has years of experience in infleeting, outfleeting, inventory, vehicle assessment and title processing. Our automated processes are designed to further optimize this environment and will keep you ahead of your competition and nimble in this fast paced environment.

Preventative Maintenance
Eddisons technicians handle every car repair and maintenance responsibility from wheel repairs and bumper scuffs to paintwork while utilizing stringent safety checks. Fully equipped with the tools and materials to complete jobs of all sizes, our technicians have the experience to work quickly and accurately. In addition, our technicians handle the operations behind each job efficiently for maximum cost savings and profitability.

Dispatch and Switchboard Management
When looking to cut costs in the rental car industry, automating the dispatch and switchboard functions is a likely place for quick implementation and return. In addition to cutting costs, increased customer service and less frustration will also be gained. Our solution eliminates customer service bottlenecks and prevents switchboards from reaching capacity during peak hours by ensuring constant availability of skilled call centre personnel providing top quality customer service. Our team is flexible and available for short or long-term projects and due to our dynamic real-time resource planning we can quickly react with staff fulfillment in emergency situations.

Return Processing
Eddisons utilizes fully automated solutions in return processing and managing fleets of all sizes, anywhere in the world. By utilizing cutting edge technology solutions we are able to provide a 360˚ degree real-time view and management of your car inventory from wherever you are. Lot process optimization is fully attainable with vehicle tracing, intelligent query tools for fleet status and fuel and mileage level data capture.

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