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Car Rental

Car Rental

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Car Rental

Eddisons is passionate about the rental car industry. It is a multi-billion sector of the global economy. Competition is fierce in a saturated market and companies must engage in a battle of the fittest to survive, forcing the industry to reinvent the way it does business and meet competition.

Companies are looking for new ways to maximize profits rather than adding creative fees to build ancillary revenue leading to heightened frustration, confusion and ultimate loss of customers. The answer lies in embracing process management and lean efficiency standards while recognizing the complexity of each location. One generic system cannot encompass the varied logistical set up and fluctuations in each location.

Eddisons Lean Six Sigma approach to the rental car industry has provided over $15 million in savings for one North American client . We provide complete global facilities or departmental outsourcing in a variety of airport and off-airport facilities. Our sterling reputation has been built upon the commitment to technological innovations and managing the turnaround process in a profitable and efficient manner.

Dynamic developments in technology allow quick information flow and the ability to manage rental car processes in real-time avoiding risk and saving money and significantly increasing re-rental capability.

Each Eddisons program includes in-depth work-flow patterns designed specifically for the logistics of each facility, flexible workforce planning systems for the fluctuations in the travel industry, per unit pricing programs based on actual measure work output and vehicles serviced or moved, and diverse recruiting systems to capture the eco-system of the local market.

Our Solutions include:

  • Airport Courtesy Bus Operations
  • Auction Fulfillment
  • On and Off-Airport Shuttling and Transport Services
  • Vehicle Cleaning and Detailing
  • New Car Preparation
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Courtesy Bus Services
  • Dispatch and Switchboard Management
  • Return Processing

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