Thursday, May 13, 2021


Experience, Expertise, Excellence


Eddisons’s reputation and long term client relationships are built through relentless pursuit of service excellence in providing end-to-end or point workforce and process optimisation solutions to industry. We provide a full range of outsourced and in-sourced solutions aligned to the needs of industry across Europe and North America to optimise processes and workforce productivity, reduce costs, improve safety and service delivery, and critically to enhance customer experience.

To remain competitive and profitable, organisations need to develop an exceptional level of operational insight and agility. You’ll need strategies, processes, and systems that give you greater visibility into your operations, supply and demand chains, as well as greater flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing markets and new customer demands.

Eddisons utilises Lean Six Sigma methodologies for peak operational efficiency—that means creating more value with less work and eliminating any activity that doesn’t create value for your customer. From manufacturing, distribution, to point of sale, Eddisons is a trusted partner due to our high level of LEAN Six Sigma process optimisation expertise and guaranteed service level fulfillment.

Partner with Eddisons to delight your customers and empower your business to higher profitability


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