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Process Outsourcing

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Process Outsourcing – Car Rental

Process Outsourcing: Rental Car Facility

Eddisons provides logistical outsourcing and process outsourcing to leading rental car companies as well as consolidated rental car facilities.  Process management includes low cost pricing per rental for functions such as production, shuttling or logistics, customer service, busing and mechanical.


The client is an industry leader in car rental lots across the U.S. This company realized they could potentially increase productivity and save costs associated with automated scheduling.


The client was unable to maintain consistent back of house scheduling across the enterprise and manage employees across multiple lots. Cars were not properly maintained and cleaned and returned to the lot for customer usage at a level that was appropriate for customer service levels. The company was unable to obtain flexibility and operate in real-time to react to unforeseen situations on the lot.


Eddisons’ all inclusive car rental industry solution delivers unsurpassed accuracy process management and labor planning enabling us to offer process management solutions and savings in the following areas:

Employee File Management
Employee files are house in one area, saving costs and risk associated with management and tracking of driver qualifications.

Transaction Based Labor Planning and Scheduling
Based on least hours worked, scheduling time was dramatically reduced and savings realized by automating the scheduling system and ensuring shift coverage.

Time and Attendance
Employee time was collected with pinpoint accuracy enhancing security and hours lost through manual upkeep.

Dynamic Reporting
The reporting system became automated and query information used to easily find data. Reports are ready to print quickly allowing scheduling conflicts to be resolved before they become costly.

Since inception, the project delivered a dramatic increase in performance against  service level goals  and automating the scheduling system provided a cost savings of 28%. Employees now understand goals and productivity management has enhanced employee satisfaction by rewarding top performers.

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