Thursday, May 13, 2021
Facilities Management

Facilities Management

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Facilities Management - Aviation


The client is one of the busiest passenger airports in the world, servicing 151 U.S. destinations and 80 international destinations. The airport facility hosts over 220,000 passengers each day and houses over 50,000 airline, ground transportation, concessionaire, security, federal government, City and Airport tenant employees.


With such a large area to maintain, airport terminals were becoming worn and passenger traffic was increasing. Employees were complaining and customer service levels were decreasing as a result.


With the Eddisons service excellence approach to Facilities Management, we were able to ensure superior, measurable outcomes for the facility and its occupants as well as the ability to run at peak performance. Employee safety and cleanliness concerns were addressed as well.

Together, we set a goal to enhance the physical attributes and streamline processes to allow the overall performance of their facility to increase. This was to be done quickly and cost effectively through two means: Engineering and Maintenance and Custodial Services.

Eddisons upgraded the original reactive maintenance to a more proactive approach to extend the life of the facility, which was quickly decreasing. This reduced costs and employee satisfaction increased with accurate maintenance, enhanced safety and quick service responsiveness.

Utilising the latest technology available in the facility management industry, Eddisons was able to provide planning and management services to ensure cleanliness and its vastly knowledgeable crew was able to quickly impact facility attractiveness with its full range of cleaning services and ability to focus immediately on high traffic areas.

By outsourcing these two services, airport management was able to more effectively concentrate on it core functions while maintaining the ability to quickly adapt to increases and decreases in customer traffic. The project delivered a dramatic increase in employee confidence and passenger satisfaction . The facility was now more effectively managed , passenger friendly, and consistently well maintained and clean. Importantly tenant levels rose and the airport is now at full capacity generating millions of dollars in additional income for the Airport Managers.

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